Vicks VapoInhaler, Non-Medicated Portable Nasal Inhaler, Menthol Scent (4 pk.)


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Vicks VapoShower shower tablets infuse with your shower steam and are specially formulated to soothe with aromatherapy vapors and transform an everyday shower into the ultimate relaxing experience. Turn your shower into a Vicks Vapors spa with Vicks VapoShower and breathe in the iconic Vicks scent so you can feel like yourself again. VapoShower is specially formulated with a proprietary blend of Menthol, Eucalyptus, Camphor and Essential oils to give you the same soothing scent, you know and love from Vicks. The tablets are easy to use and dissolve cleanly, they leave no residue and won?t stain your shower.

Feeling tired and rundown? Stressed out? Need a morning boost to start your day? Then make Vicks VapoShower a part of your daily routine. Vicks VapoShower is for anytime you need soothing. They?re the perfect addition to your daily routine – morning or night. Start your day on the right note with a burst of soothing Vicks Vapors or try VapoShower at night when you need to relax and unwind after a long day.

How to use VapoShower

VapoShower is easy to use. Cut to open pouch and place tablet on shower floor. For maximum soothing vapors, place tablet in direct stream of hot or warm water. and continue running shower until completely dissolved.

How long is the scent supposed to last?

The product is designed to last approximately 5-7 minutes. How long the tablet lasts dependents on factors such as: how much water the tablet is exposed to, how directly the tablet is exposed to the water, and the water temperature.

Can I use VapoShower in a bath or humidifier?

No, the VapoShower product is designed to be used in the shower only.


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